If you’re not yet a customer, you’ve come to the right place for commercial and intermodal maintenance and repair services! Join thousands of other fleets and truck owner operators who rely on TRAC Interstar for truckbreakdown service live support and recovery.

If you’re experiencing a breakdown right now, TRAC Interstar will take care of you even if you’re not already a customer. Call 866-220-0732 and an experienced repair coordinator will get your equipment back on the road promptly!

How To Join

Becoming a TRAC Interstar customer is easy! If you’re a medium or large fleet, it’s as easy as filling out a few forms available for download below:

  • Interstar New Customer Form
  • Interstar Credit Application (not necessary if you plan on paying via Comchek or credit card at the time of repair)

If you’re an owner operator or a small fleet without established business credit, we encourage you to fill out the new customer form below. Without an TRAC Interstar credit accout, you still have access to TRAC Interstar’s services and you can pay via Comchek or credit card at the time of repair.

New Customer Form

TRAC Interstar’s new customer form provides repair coordinators with important service details they use provide the quality service. The form asks fleets about cost guidelines, national accounts, authorizing personnel, etc.

Please click here to download the TRAC Interstar new customer form. It’s a PDF fillable form with submission instructions within.

Credit Application

In order for a customer to have a billing account with TRAC Interstar, a credit account must be established. If customers do not apply for an TRAC Interstar account, they can pay via Comchek and credit card at the time of service.

Please click here to download TRAC Interstar’s credit application.

Web Portal Access

To take advantage of the web portal, please request a username and password from our customer service team at 800-888-1001 option 7, option 2 or by e-mail at :

Customer Service

If you have questions about a previous repair or require general assistance, please call our customer service department at 800-888-1001 or by e-mail at : Additional phone numbers and e-mail addresses are listed on the Contact Us page.